20% Solution Details

20% Solution Details

Links to MOP Treatise and Appendices

Read the MOP Treatise (a long PDF* document):
"DEMIMONDE DEMOCRACY: How to MOP Congress with the 20% Solution"
(Includes Appendices I and II)

Appendix III (a large, 26 Mb, PDF* document) is a stand-alone document.

Reference List of Appendices (linked above) with Full Titles

Appendix I. Draft Legislation: Doris “Granny D” Haddock Act

Appendix II. The 20% solution: Notes on a campaign strategy for MOP - MoneyOutaPolitics.com

Appendix III. Draft Petition for Rulemaking: In the Matter of Reserving One Hour per Day from Each Commercial AM, FM and TV Broadcast Station License for Use in the Public Interest by Candidates for Elective Office

Overview of the 20% Solution

A much briefer overview of the 20% solution is also available.

*Download the latest version of Adobe Reader if needed to read the PDF document.  The download page should open in a new tab or window.