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The Twenty Percent Solution to Get Money Out of Politics

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What is MOP?

Most members of Congress have one overriding goal: to get elected, and then reelected. Campaigns now cost obscene amounts of money. The really big bucks come from the largest corporations, narrowly focused interest groups, and extremely rich individuals. The people behind the money are not stupid—they expect, and get, favors in return for their money. This is legal bribery. Also, a politician can spend as much of their own money as they want to—if a multimillionaire, they can spend millions of dollars to buy an office. It is unlimited.

This so-called system is the opposite of democracy. Americans are so disgusted that in any given contest more registered voters stay at home than vote for any one candidate. If things don’t change, and soon, the U.S. will become a banana republic where the richest 1% control everything. The rest of us will have to make do with the crumbs.

There are many reform proposals that look to change this situation. Most have merits, but, in the end, the ONLY real solution is to get Money Outta Politics (MOP) . It really is that simple.

Here’s the plan: the 20% solution

Citizens commit to one-issue voting: the MOP bill. If a candidate pledges, in writing, to vote for MOP, a voter will deliberately put aside all the other political, economic, and social issues for that one election. No matter where the candidate stands on ANY other issue, if he/she supports MOP, you vote for; if not, against. Incumbents who refuse to endorse the MOP legislation are turned out of office.

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