Get Involved

Get Involved

Welcome to the Money Outta Politics (MOP) web site. We're glad you're considering the possibility of getting involved.  You have the opportunity to become part of a historic movement to restore true democracy to "We, the People" of the United States of America.  Please continue reading further below to find out why you should get involved in this movement.

Easy ways you can help this movement succeed:
  1. Become informed by reviewing the information on this web site.
  2. Tell your friends about MOP and this web site. Ask them to pledge and volunteer for MOP.
  3. Use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter or your email address list to spread the word to as many people as possible.
  4. Print out some MOP business cards or MOP brochures and distribute them to as many people as possible.
  5. Visit MOP blogs and follow the action advisories. A link to the blogs can be found in the list along the left margin.

Get Involved as a Volunteer:

For MOP to be successful, we need the help of volunteers like you. The individuals who began the MOP movement are not rich or famous people who might easily be able to raise massive amounts of funding or make television appearances. We understand that many of you are busy people with other concerns -- just like us. But even if you just volunteer to help out a little bit, it could be one of the most important things you ever do in your life.

Please consider this question: Are you content to leave your fate and the fate of our country in the hands of greedy billionaires, corrupt politicians and media spin doctors -- or would you like to do something about it yourself?

Computer Science and Internet Technology
If you have skills related to computer science in general and especially if you have Internet technology skills, please send us an email and put "Computer Skills Volunteer" in the subject line.  We would also appreciate a very brief overview of your primary skills and experience.  In particular, let us know if you can assist with web site design and management, online systems for collecting and managing large amounts of voter data submitted online, database management, Internet security, managing large email communication systems and interacting with other web sites.  We are also interested in volunteers that could commit to overseeing blogs, Twitter sites and Facebook sites.

Developing Legislation to Get Money Out of Politics
If you would like to get involved with developing the MOP legislation as a volunteer or have suggestions, please send us an email and put "Legislation Volunteer" in the subject line. We would also appreciate a very brief overview of your primary skills and experience. 

If You Have Other Skills or Interests
If you would like get involved as a volunteer in any other way, please send us an email and put a phrase that is indicative of your interest area in the subject line. We would also appreciate a very brief overview of your primary skills and experience. We recommend that you review information on this web site before sending the email so you can make a well informed choice about how you'd like to help.

An Opportunity to Become a True Patriot

Some of our citizens are under the false belief that being patriotic means blindly following elected politicians and never questioning their actions or motives.  We believe that one of the most essential elements of patriotism is for citizens to bravely step up and take action to preserve our democracy when government officials have gone astray.  Our citizens could be placed into a variety of categories in terms of their knowledge and how they will respond to the current state of our government and nation. Some are (1) just uninformed about how money in politics has corrupted our government, (2) some are simply apathetic and (3) some may be uninformed about their opportunities and responsibilities to take action as citizens.  These three groups are likely to complain but unlikely to take any positive action.

Since you are reading this web page, we hope you are a member of a fourth group.  This group is made up of true patriots who not only care about our country, but are concerned enough to stay informed and brave enough to step up and take action to preserve our nation and our democracy even when they must take on the "establishment".  In 1776, the establishment was the British government; today the establishment is, of course, our own government.

 If you are (1) concerned about the current state of our nation, (2) upset about how money in politics corrupts our elections and government officials and (3) have the will and bravery to do something about it, we need true patriots like you. 

If you have not already responded through one of the above contacts, please send us an email, put "Patriot" in the subject line, and tell us how you would like to work with us.