MOP Voting Guide

Voting Guide

The objective of the MOP single-issue voting strategy is to unseat politicians who do not support MOP legislation.

First, MOP will need to identify which incumbent politicians to vote against and which, if any, have supported MOP. Then, to fully leverage the power of single-issue voting, MOP will list the challenger or incumbent for which you should vote in the table below. Where an undesirable incumbent is running for office, MOP will select among challengers based on their potential to defeat the undesirable incumbent and their support for MOP. This process ensures that your vote is combined most effectively with other MOP voters to make all our votes work together to unseat politicians who don't support MOP legislation.

To be most effective, the listing of voting directions will only commence when MOP receives enough voter pledges to have a high probability of controling elections in specific congressional districts. At that time, directions for how to vote in those districts will be listed in the table below. Please check back here later when it is closer to the time for the next national elections.

Important: If you do not see any guidance below for how to vote in your congressional district yet, it means that MOP has not yet received enough voter pledges for your district. We encourage you to spread the word to convince more people in your area to make the voters' pledge.

MOP Recommends that You Vote for the Following Candidates in the 2012 Elections:
United States Congressional District U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives
Not enough voter pledges for any district yet No recommendation yet No recommendation yet