Voters' Pledge

Pledge Your Vote to Get Money Outta Politics

The Voter Pledge

I am eligible to vote in the next federal election, and for that election, I Pledge that I will follow the MoneyOuttaPolitics (MOP) single issue voting strategy by not voting for any incumbent who refuses to sponsor or endorse the MOP Legislation.
I request that MOP inform me prior to elections about the candidates most strongly committed to enacting the MOP  legislation.
Pledge Instructions and Assistance

Our apologies! If this process seems too complicated or tedious for you, please check back here later. We will streamline the pledge process for you in the future.

1) Open a new email and include only the following information (including the commas) at the top of your email so your pledge will  have the maximum impact on your local candidates and elections:
  1. Your 9-digit zip code, (find it on this web site if you don't know it)
  2. Last name,
  3. First name,
  4. Your congressional district, (find help here if you don't know it)

Example: 12345-6789, Lastname, Firstname, TX01,

2) Start a new paragraph in your email, then copy and paste the pledge text (from above) into your pledge email and send it to

3) Enter your congressional district (alone) in the Subject box of your email.

Example: CA51
(If needed, there is help for finding your congressional district further down this page.)

Notes on the Pledge:
Your Pledge is essential to the MOP strategy and . . . to our country's future.  When you pledge, you join with other MOP voters to help activate the 20% solution to get money out of politics. When enough voters have Pledged, MOP can trigger the Pledges by informing Pledgers that the minimum number to swing the election has been reached,  MOP will also, on behalf of MOP Pledgers, put politicians on notice that they risk losing their job if they do not support MOP.
By sending MOP your pledge, MOP can in return inform you whether the Pledgers to the "20% solution" will be enough to swing the election, and which vote, if any, will best advance the MOP strategy. If you change your email address or otherwise don't hear from us on time, you can always check the Vote for MOP web page to determine which candidate best deserves your vote. MOP is developing its procedures for determining the comparative strengths of candidate committments.  If you would like to see these criteria in detail and learn more about how the MOP single issue voting strategy works, please read the FAQs.

Voter Pledge to Political Candidates

If you'd like to help the MOP movement even more, we invite you to also send the following text in an email to your federal legislators.  This will really help the cause because it will put them on alert that they better think seriously about pledging to support MOP or they may lose their job.

Pledge Text
As your constituent, and a voter, I am informing you that I have pledged at that I will vote for you in the next election only if you endorse or sponsor the MOP Legislation, and if not I will vote for your opponent.

Contact information for your Senators (this information should open in a new tab or window).
Contact information for your Representatives (this information should open in a new tab or window).

Here are additional methods to quickly find your congressional district and the email addressses of your local congress members:

Tip: you can contact all of your legislators with one email message; just paste all of their email addresses into the address box near the top of a single email message.