The modern hoverboard are having one advance feature that is we can play the music by using our smartphone via Bluetooth.Bluetooth Hoverboard

Function of Bluetooth Hoverboards:

The Bluetooth hoverboard is same as the regular hoverboards. Only there is one extra house of Bluetooth module and pair of speakers too.

When your self-balancing scooter is started then the Bluetooth module is turns on. As soon as you connect your phone to board, the signal gets connected.

Actually, testing of the new advance feature of music with Bluetooth is done with only iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 android phone.

The Bluetooth hoverboards is working well with these phones. But the team assure that the Bluetooth hoverboard work with any type of android mobile who has the Bluetooth module an it will support the musing system via Bluetooth.

How to connect Bluetooth to hoverboard?

To connect the Bluetooth to your hoverboard, you have to follow the steps:

  1. Go to the setting of your phone.
  2. Click on Bluetooth option.
  3. You have on the Bluetooth of your phone.
  4. Search your hoverboard under devices.
  5. When you are searching the hoverboard name on phone, there are various name. you have to pair your hoverboard device to the Bluetooth of phone.
  6. If you know the device name of your hoverboard, then it will easy to connect the Bluetooth to your hoverboard.
  7. On connecting, hoverboard beeps.

The name of the Bluetooth hoverboard devices are different from brand to brand. Some of simply named ‘Bluetooth’ and others name like ‘JMLK’. Some are having weird type of names.

Music Stream of Bluetooth Hoverboard:

After connecting Bluetooth to the hoverboard, you have to on the music app of the phone. Then you are able to listen favorite music while using hoverboard (Travelling or gaming).

The volume of the music is controllable by your phone tab. You can listen on high volume if you want. But before connecting to hoverboard, raise volume of music. Unless, you are not able to hear the music with lower volume.


Most of people says that the design of the Bluetooth Hoverboard is same as Lamborghini design (X- design). You can choose the right size of wheel as per your need. Because in market, several options of wheel sizes are available.

What is best Bluetooth Hoverboard?

When you have to choose the best Bluetooth hoverboard during the shopping, you have to select the hoverboard with considering the size of wheel.

Now days, in market the various sizes of the hoverboards are available such as 6.5 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches etc.

6.5-inch Wheel Bluetooth Hoverboard:

The single speaker is overserved in this hoverboard during the testing. The sound of this hoverboard is really triple high than your phone. That means this hoverboard is acceptable during testing who beats your phone’s speaker.

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Its really to say which one Bluetooth Hoverboard amongst the various best options. Only choose your favorite one brand with correct wheel size and will work it safe.