It is very common to have calluses on feet.
Callus is caused by the repeated and due too long-term friction from using things like shoes rubbing against your feet.
A lot of conflicting information is there about whether you should shave calluses or cut them, or just leave them as they are.Callus shaver how to use
Dr. Steven Vetter from Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA just wanted to separate the fact from literature that when it comes to taking care of your calluses, there is a lot of conflicts regarding the information about if you should shave calluses, cut them off, or just leave them alone.
Calluses can get arisen upon your heel, father finger or either on the ball of your foot. Sometimes you won’t feel anything on having a callus, at some instances, you may feel like sharp or irritated nerve ache and pressure.
It is very important to remember you never cut your calluses or shave them. You might injure the tissue of your feet by cutting too deep in the skin.
You can also get an infection from cutting deeply in your feet skin.

As a substitute of cutting your calluses or trying to shave them, you can go:

  • For soaking your feet for softening of the calluses.
  • For a use of a rubbing stone to scrub the calluses and remove dead skin.
  • For the use of moisturizing cream or lotion for keeping your feet moisturized.
  • For wearing more supportive footwear as a replacement for flip flops, sandals or high heels.
  • For wearing thick but comfortable and breathable socks.
  • For wearing shoe inserts for reduction or eliminating friction.

Be careful when you treat your calluses at home. (

Using the Callus Shaver:

  • Keep your feet soaked until the skin is softened.
  • You can now begin to use the callus shaver.
  • Dry your feet by removing them from the water and find comfortable place to sit.
  • You will get the best angle by sitting on your foot on top of the opposite knee, or by sitting cross legged.
  • Start gliding your feet gently with the callus shaver across all the parts where hard skin occurs for removal of the thin skin, and dead layers.
  • To smoothen your skin, you will need to use a callus scrapper.
  • After using the scrapper, you can now apply a foot moisturizingcream on it, like AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream, to make them quiet and condition your feet.
  • You need to be sure while removing everything which makes you jump suddenly before you begin using the callus shaver.
  • It will help you from avoid in get an injury to your feet.
  • If you get cut yourself during the whole process of removing callus, instantly clean and wash the area.
  • If the cut is deeper and it keep on bleeding continuously or becomes infected, go to the doctor.

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