Bluetooth Hoverboard

The modern hoverboard are having one advance feature that is we can play the music by using our smartphone via Bluetooth.Bluetooth Hoverboard

Function of Bluetooth Hoverboards:

The Bluetooth hoverboard is same as the regular hoverboards. Only there is one extra house of Bluetooth module and pair of speakers too.

When your self-balancing scooter is started then the Bluetooth module is turns on. As soon as you connect your phone to board, the signal gets connected.

Actually, testing of the new advance feature of music with Bluetooth is done with only iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 android phone.

The Bluetooth hoverboards is working well with these phones. But the team assure that the Bluetooth hoverboard work with any type of android mobile who has the Bluetooth module an it will support the musing system via Bluetooth.

How to connect Bluetooth to hoverboard?

To connect the Bluetooth to your hoverboard, you have to follow the steps:

  1. Go to the setting of your phone.
  2. Click on Bluetooth option.
  3. You have on the Bluetooth of your phone.
  4. Search your hoverboard under devices.
  5. When you are searching the hoverboard name on phone, there are various name. you have to pair your hoverboard device to the Bluetooth of phone.
  6. If you know the device name of your hoverboard, then it will easy to connect the Bluetooth to your hoverboard.
  7. On connecting, hoverboard beeps.

The name of the Bluetooth hoverboard devices are different from brand to brand. Some of simply named ‘Bluetooth’ and others name like ‘JMLK’. Some are having weird type of names.

Music Stream of Bluetooth Hoverboard:

After connecting Bluetooth to the hoverboard, you have to on the music app of the phone. Then you are able to listen favorite music while using hoverboard (Travelling or gaming).

The volume of the music is controllable by your phone tab. You can listen on high volume if you want. But before connecting to hoverboard, raise volume of music. Unless, you are not able to hear the music with lower volume.


Most of people says that the design of the Bluetooth Hoverboard is same as Lamborghini design (X- design). You can choose the right size of wheel as per your need. Because in market, several options of wheel sizes are available.

What is best Bluetooth Hoverboard?

When you have to choose the best Bluetooth hoverboard during the shopping, you have to select the hoverboard with considering the size of wheel.

Now days, in market the various sizes of the hoverboards are available such as 6.5 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches etc.

6.5-inch Wheel Bluetooth Hoverboard:

The single speaker is overserved in this hoverboard during the testing. The sound of this hoverboard is really triple high than your phone. That means this hoverboard is acceptable during testing who beats your phone’s speaker.

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Its really to say which one Bluetooth Hoverboard amongst the various best options. Only choose your favorite one brand with correct wheel size and will work it safe.

Best hoverboard for kids

Hoverboard is also called as a self-balancing scooter and it is skatebBest hoverboard for kids


About hoverboard:

Hoverboard is initially developed in year 1967 by Lexus and it is fictional levitating board used for personal transportations purpose. Actually, it is not float or hover but Guinness World Records identify hoverboards as autonomously powered personal levitators.

Hoverboard works on:

  1. Hoverboard work by using different technologies like paleomagnetic, force field air- cushion and electromagnetic technology.
  2. magnetic levitation and electromagnetic repulsion technology in which the engine basically uses magnets.
  3. Conjunction of magnetic field with electric current is the key.

Working principle of hoverboard:

  1. It is basically working on magnetic fielded and electric current.
  2. Same poles repel magnetic field each other so, repulsion is another principle.
  3. Reversing the polarity of magnets.

Hoverboard’s age requirements:

Official requirement of age for most of hoverboards is 8 years old and older or sometimes it depends who will use it. Hoverboard are not for kids of 5 years old and younger than that.

There is special type of hoverboard ideal for kids use which is 6.5 inch wheeled oppose to some larger sized wheeled size. Larger sized wheeled hoverboard is suitable for adults.

Hoverboard for kids

Not every hoverboard is suitable for kids some are heavy, large and difficult on operating and are capable of fast travelling.

Some of them manufacturers are luckily manufactured the hoverboards smaller in size, lighter in weight and slower in hoverboards with kids in mind.

When one can go for shopping of hoverboards for kids look for 6.5-inch size wheeled hoverboard. Which are lighter for kids and it can easily ride by kids.

Some of best hoverboards for kids with features:

  1. Hoverzons –It is 6.5-inch wheeled hoverboard also has 250 watt dual motors and its price is about $365.67. also, it has 2 ride motors, LED safety lights.
  2. Veeko – It is also same as like Hoverzons and has 6.5-inch size aluminium rubber tire wheel with price about $ 377.
  3. Swagtron T5 – It has 7-inch size wheel and it is available on different marketing websites with price ranging from $111 to $133.50.
  4. Sea eagle flash light – this hoverboard has 6.5-inch wheels and it is designed specially for beginners and amateurs, with this hoverboard kid will easily learn to ride and maintain balance too. This is available on some websites with price $154.
  5. Segway minilite – It has 10.5-inch air filled pneumatic tires which provides smooth riding and it can bear maximum load of 175 pound. Its price is about $369.99.

Pros of hoverboards for kids

  1. Easy to ride.
  2. It has great battery life.
  3. Good self-balancing.
  4. High quality and well-built hoverboard.
  5. Good music sound.

Cons of hoverboards for kids

  1. It is quite heavy in weight that to carrying for kids.

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There is Hoverboards for kids and adults too. But for kids’ purpose hoverboard are made lighter in weight having smaller wheel size for balancing purpose and handle it with ease some of like these hoverboard’s for kids are described as above.

Back to the future hoverboard

Hoverboard is dual wheeled self-balancing Scooter which is used for travelling is worked by gliding on air. It is generally used by kids and adults too.Back to the future hoverboard

Back to future:

It is actually the Mattel hoverboard which is used in back to future part II. It is the Americanscience fiction film which was shot in year 1989, for escaping Griff Tannen and his friends in year 2015.

After that Marty McFly revisited in year 1995 an us e that hoverboard to steal the grays sport almanac book from Tannen to prevent him from taking over the hill.

In the part III of back to future which was shot in year 1990, Doc brown who rides the hoverboard for rescuing Clara from falling off the vehicle.

How do Mattel hoverboards works

The hoverboard is used by most sport lovers, and kids they are able to upright by using the platform of the device and also propelled with well practice.

The hoverboard is consisting of the following, let’s look:

  • Gyroscope – to maintain the balance during the riding, the gyroscope is used to adjust the tilt or angle of the hoverboard.
  • Microprocessor – the regulation of the power which is given to wheels of hoverboard is done by these tiny processors.
  • Battery – The high watt of lithium battery is used to store the power for scooter.
  • Motor – To keep rider upright and balanced, motor which provides the power to wheels.

Back to future hoverboard:

Hoverboard used in back to future Part II is Mattel hoverboard. It is another brand of hoverboard by company Mattel which was actually available in year 2015.

Mattel sell out the versions for young children to ride with the assistance of attached handle and foot is not use for crossing large distances of water before losing power.

The colour available of board in lenticular orange or blue in colour.

Behind the scenes:

In the back to future part II, in between the scene of river road tunnel when biff try to run Marty down then Marty which was on hoverboard pushes off with his right leg while his left leg was on the back of the board.

In skateboarding, this stance is called “goofy”. While in other shots, Marty’s has his left leg in board’s foot strap and pushes off with his right leg.

Mattel hoverboard features:

  1. It is approximately 28-inch-long and 8-inch-wide and itsheight is approximately about 2inch.
  2. It has extra Velcro grips and Velcro strap.
  3. Also, there is hover plate which is located under the plate of hoverboard.
  4. Authentic sticker details on top and bottom and sides.
  5. This Mattel hoverboard is made up of molded replica.
  6. 1:1 scale prop replica.
  7. Shipped double boxed.
  8. Logo packaging.
  9. Officially licensed.

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Back to future hoverboard is Mattel type hoverboard. Which is well known and well-loved toy company, while this company has not really ventured into market as like other company’s when it comes to hoverboard that do not have steering bar.

Clio shaver how to use

Clio shaver is same as other shaver and does the same work of removing hairs from different body parts. It is especially used by the women for shaving various body parts such as,

  1. Legs
  2. Underarm
  3. Bikini line
  4. Feetclio shaver how to use

Thisclio shaver ensures and gives close trim. And it has some advantages as it is used by most of the women. It structures consist of head and body. In case any injury occurred do not use it to shave.

Types of electric shavers

An electric shaver is always better for convenience purpose within just a minute and nothing can beat it. Its structure does not includesany hassle for shaving.

There are primarily two types of electric shaver like foil, rotary, Clio, disc.also they have some pros and cons over other types of shavers.

Clio shaver

Clio shaver is basically the shaver which is popular among women. It shaves different body parts as above including pubic region which has to shave or trim safely and gently.

The shaver structure is so specially designed that it has a double unique blade with rounded edges which offers extra comfort and ensures perfect handling and grip makes easy to trim. Also easily glides on the skin.


  1. It can use wet or dry.
  2. Use for grooming.
  3. Has an electric battery backup.
  4. Precise blades ensures dine and short hairs.
  5. Three trim guides included.

Use of Clio shaver

  1. Before shaving a user has to apply some soap or water to the skin.
  2. Skin to be wiped, clean and dry.
  3. Read all the experience on the unit.
  4. Turn On the device.
  5. Use shaver according to the body part. and glides over the skin gently.
  6. After completing user must have to use a moisturizer or some cream for smoothening it and causing less irritation.

Removal of blades from the unit

  1. Turn off the button of the razor.
  2. Do not put much pressure on the device.
  3. User can expose shaver to water but it not submerged.
  4. Blade assembly can be removed and clean before shaving.
  5. And after that reassemble it back to the unit.

Some benefits

  1. This shaver saves much time as it is a generally a time-consuming process.
  2. Easy to shave by electric shaver.
  3. It is more efficient.
  4. More reliable.
  5. Faster to operate.
  6. One can easily handle it just by following instructions which are presents on the box of a shaver
  7. Electric Shaver can be used for closed shavings as compared to other methods as they do not cut hairs as closed.
  8. Easy in operation.


  1. It needs a power connection.
  2. More costly.

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The electric shaver has a wide variety and types as it is the most widely used one by the women. There are some major pros and cons of this shaver. also, it has separate procedure to use it which explained as above.

Callus shaver how to use

It is very common to have calluses on feet.
Callus is caused by the repeated and due too long-term friction from using things like shoes rubbing against your feet.
A lot of conflicting information is there about whether you should shave calluses or cut them, or just leave them as they are.Callus shaver how to use
Dr. Steven Vetter from Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA just wanted to separate the fact from literature that when it comes to taking care of your calluses, there is a lot of conflicts regarding the information about if you should shave calluses, cut them off, or just leave them alone.
Calluses can get arisen upon your heel, father finger or either on the ball of your foot. Sometimes you won’t feel anything on having a callus, at some instances, you may feel like sharp or irritated nerve ache and pressure.
It is very important to remember you never cut your calluses or shave them. You might injure the tissue of your feet by cutting too deep in the skin.
You can also get an infection from cutting deeply in your feet skin.

As a substitute of cutting your calluses or trying to shave them, you can go:

  • For soaking your feet for softening of the calluses.
  • For a use of a rubbing stone to scrub the calluses and remove dead skin.
  • For the use of moisturizing cream or lotion for keeping your feet moisturized.
  • For wearing more supportive footwear as a replacement for flip flops, sandals or high heels.
  • For wearing thick but comfortable and breathable socks.
  • For wearing shoe inserts for reduction or eliminating friction.

Be careful when you treat your calluses at home. (

Using the Callus Shaver:

  • Keep your feet soaked until the skin is softened.
  • You can now begin to use the callus shaver.
  • Dry your feet by removing them from the water and find comfortable place to sit.
  • You will get the best angle by sitting on your foot on top of the opposite knee, or by sitting cross legged.
  • Start gliding your feet gently with the callus shaver across all the parts where hard skin occurs for removal of the thin skin, and dead layers.
  • To smoothen your skin, you will need to use a callus scrapper.
  • After using the scrapper, you can now apply a foot moisturizingcream on it, like AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream, to make them quiet and condition your feet.
  • You need to be sure while removing everything which makes you jump suddenly before you begin using the callus shaver.
  • It will help you from avoid in get an injury to your feet.
  • If you get cut yourself during the whole process of removing callus, instantly clean and wash the area.
  • If the cut is deeper and it keep on bleeding continuously or becomes infected, go to the doctor.

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You can also call Dr. Vetter from Oakton Foot and Ankle Center in Fairfax, VA.

Do not let irritating calluses keep you off of your feet! Call today!