In every business, there are more numbers of competitors which always try to stop your business market but if you are having the best idea to attract the people then no one can stop your business to become popular.

How to get coupon from survey

So, the best trick is Survey which is taken for knowing customer satisfaction. The aim of this study is to assist collect useful views and feedback from visited customers. This feedback will be used in the future to enhance facilities and customer experience.

How to get coupon from survey:

When your survey is completed with all aspects only then you are able to get your coupon code. That means, to get free coupon code, firstly you have to complete survey.

Coupon code is may in form printable. You can take its prints and use it on next visit.

The purpose of Survey:

The survey mainly taken for understanding –

  1. Demands of customers.
  2. Customer is satisfied with purchased product or not.
  3. Every item’s prize is reasonable or not for visited customers.

Essentials for a survey:

Online Survey –

  1. A device with updated browser like as computer of laptop.
  2. The good internet connection is must as the survey is taken online.
  3. You can give the survey by using Smart phone also but it also requires the good and stable network connectivity.
  4. The participating customer is aware of English, French or Spanish language.
  5. User has maximum 10 minutes required to complete survey without any disturbances.

Offline survey –

  1. A standard size paper which is recommended by company.
  2. Write visit experience in good handwriting.
  3. Th written letter should be neatly.
  4. Mention proper address of head office.

The questions of Survey:

  1. What is your age?
  2. Mention your gender?
  3. How long ago was your last visit?
  4. The name of purchased product.
  5. Are you happy with the cleanliness of visited restaurant, store or company?
  6. How accurate would you say is the pricing of the menu?
  7. How would you describe the nature of food service staff?
  8. How consistent is the service you receive?
  9. What is your opinion?

Actually, survey questions are based on customer visit experience. They are in easy to understand.

Coupon policy of survey:

After answering honestly all questions, user has to submit personal information which includes name, contact number etc.

At last, one validation code will display on survey screen that code is reward actually because it is used to get free product.

User has to note down the coupon code. It is nearly about seven to eight digits. He or she should be use to enjoy free food or other product on next visit to restaurant or company.

Without coupon code, no one is allowed to enjoy free products. So, if you to get anything free, then let’s grab chance ad enjoy.

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You can enjoy free food or another product, if you have coupon. It is available for limited time. So, hurry up and enjoy free items.