Hoverboard is also called as a self-balancing scooter and it is skatebBest hoverboard for kids


About hoverboard:

Hoverboard is initially developed in year 1967 by Lexus and it is fictional levitating board used for personal transportations purpose. Actually, it is not float or hover but Guinness World Records identify hoverboards as autonomously powered personal levitators.

Hoverboard works on:

  1. Hoverboard work by using different technologies like paleomagnetic, force field air- cushion and electromagnetic technology.
  2. magnetic levitation and electromagnetic repulsion technology in which the engine basically uses magnets.
  3. Conjunction of magnetic field with electric current is the key.

Working principle of hoverboard:

  1. It is basically working on magnetic fielded and electric current.
  2. Same poles repel magnetic field each other so, repulsion is another principle.
  3. Reversing the polarity of magnets.

Hoverboard’s age requirements:

Official requirement of age for most of hoverboards is 8 years old and older or sometimes it depends who will use it. Hoverboard are not for kids of 5 years old and younger than that.

There is special type of hoverboard ideal for kids use which is 6.5 inch wheeled oppose to some larger sized wheeled size. Larger sized wheeled hoverboard is suitable for adults.

Hoverboard for kids

Not every hoverboard is suitable for kids some are heavy, large and difficult on operating and are capable of fast travelling.

Some of them manufacturers are luckily manufactured the hoverboards smaller in size, lighter in weight and slower in hoverboards with kids in mind.

When one can go for shopping of hoverboards for kids look for 6.5-inch size wheeled hoverboard. Which are lighter for kids and it can easily ride by kids.

Some of best hoverboards for kids with features:

  1. Hoverzons –It is 6.5-inch wheeled hoverboard also has 250 watt dual motors and its price is about $365.67. also, it has 2 ride motors, LED safety lights.
  2. Veeko – It is also same as like Hoverzons and has 6.5-inch size aluminium rubber tire wheel with price about $ 377.
  3. Swagtron T5 – It has 7-inch size wheel and it is available on different marketing websites with price ranging from $111 to $133.50.
  4. Sea eagle flash light – this hoverboard has 6.5-inch wheels and it is designed specially for beginners and amateurs, with this hoverboard kid will easily learn to ride and maintain balance too. This is available on some websites with price $154.
  5. Segway minilite – It has 10.5-inch air filled pneumatic tires which provides smooth riding and it can bear maximum load of 175 pound. Its price is about $369.99.

Pros of hoverboards for kids

  1. Easy to ride.
  2. It has great battery life.
  3. Good self-balancing.
  4. High quality and well-built hoverboard.
  5. Good music sound.

Cons of hoverboards for kids

  1. It is quite heavy in weight that to carrying for kids.

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There is Hoverboards for kids and adults too. But for kids’ purpose hoverboard are made lighter in weight having smaller wheel size for balancing purpose and handle it with ease some of like these hoverboard’s for kids are described as above.