Bluetooth Hoverboard

The modern hoverboard are having one advance feature that is we can play the music by using our smartphone via Bluetooth. Function of Bluetooth Hoverboards: The Bluetooth hoverboard is same as the regular hoverboards. Only there is one extra house of Bluetooth module and pair of speakers too. When your self-balancing scooter is started then […]

Best hoverboard for kids

Hoverboard is also called as a self-balancing scooter and it is skateb   About hoverboard: Hoverboard is initially developed in year 1967 by Lexus and it is fictional levitating board used for personal transportations purpose. Actually, it is not float or hover but Guinness World Records identify hoverboards as autonomously powered personal levitators. Hoverboard works […]

Back to the future hoverboard

Hoverboard is dual wheeled self-balancing Scooter which is used for travelling is worked by gliding on air. It is generally used by kids and adults too. Back to future: It is actually the Mattel hoverboard which is used in back to future part II. It is the Americanscience fiction film which was shot in […]