Clio shaver is same as other shaver and does the same work of removing hairs from different body parts. It is especially used by the women for shaving various body parts such as,

  1. Legs
  2. Underarm
  3. Bikini line
  4. Feetclio shaver how to use

Thisclio shaver ensures and gives close trim. And it has some advantages as it is used by most of the women. It structures consist of head and body. In case any injury occurred do not use it to shave.

Types of electric shavers

An electric shaver is always better for convenience purpose within just a minute and nothing can beat it. Its structure does not includesany hassle for shaving.

There are primarily two types of electric shaver like foil, rotary, Clio, disc.also they have some pros and cons over other types of shavers.

Clio shaver

Clio shaver is basically the shaver which is popular among women. It shaves different body parts as above including pubic region which has to shave or trim safely and gently.

The shaver structure is so specially designed that it has a double unique blade with rounded edges which offers extra comfort and ensures perfect handling and grip makes easy to trim. Also easily glides on the skin.


  1. It can use wet or dry.
  2. Use for grooming.
  3. Has an electric battery backup.
  4. Precise blades ensures dine and short hairs.
  5. Three trim guides included.

Use of Clio shaver

  1. Before shaving a user has to apply some soap or water to the skin.
  2. Skin to be wiped, clean and dry.
  3. Read all the experience on the unit.
  4. Turn On the device.
  5. Use shaver according to the body part. and glides over the skin gently.
  6. After completing user must have to use a moisturizer or some cream for smoothening it and causing less irritation.

Removal of blades from the unit

  1. Turn off the button of the razor.
  2. Do not put much pressure on the device.
  3. User can expose shaver to water but it not submerged.
  4. Blade assembly can be removed and clean before shaving.
  5. And after that reassemble it back to the unit.

Some benefits

  1. This shaver saves much time as it is a generally a time-consuming process.
  2. Easy to shave by electric shaver.
  3. It is more efficient.
  4. More reliable.
  5. Faster to operate.
  6. One can easily handle it just by following instructions which are presents on the box of a shaver
  7. Electric Shaver can be used for closed shavings as compared to other methods as they do not cut hairs as closed.
  8. Easy in operation.


  1. It needs a power connection.
  2. More costly.

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The electric shaver has a wide variety and types as it is the most widely used one by the women. There are some major pros and cons of this shaver. also, it has separate procedure to use it which explained as above.