To achieve more financial freedom by earning more money by exploring a flexible way. Every company, industry, restaurant, corporation, supermarket or store, everyone needs customer feedback to understand their requirements and complaints too.

How to make money from survey

Survey is best media which connects provider and user. Through survey, user is bale to give suggestions for improvements of company. And it is best to chance to fulfill all needs of user for provider.

In return of survey, user is able to get reward from survey team which makes him or her happy.

Types of Survey:

Actually, if you want to make a survey of your company then you can use anyone survey type from following:

  • Online survey –
  1. Official website –
  2. The survey which is taken on official website or portal of company then it is online survey.
  3. Official website of survey is provided to user.
  4. User has to sign up on site and answers honestly of survey questions related to visiting experience of user.
  5. A validation code is used to get reward.
  6. Email – User is also able to send feedback about experience via mail.
  • Offline Survey –
  1. One another option is also available for user who are not able to handle online method via phone or laptop.
  2. That one is user is able to write whole visit experience with complaints and suggestions as well on standard letter of company.
  3. Written letter has to send on headquarter office of company.

How much money you earn from survey?

Per survey, you are able to earn money ranges from $0.50 to $5.00. if you take a lot of surveys, then monthly you can make money of $300. If you are taking few surveys then you can earn only $100 per month.

Money from survey is basically depend on how much efforts you are taking in survey because it takes more time so you must be patient.

Paid Surveys to make money:

If you want to make money from surveys then you should use following survey websites which are legitimates:

  1. InboxDollars –
    • Just for signing up, earn an instant $5 bonus.
    • Complete survey for cash not for points.
    • Answering survey, watching videos, replaying to emails etc. are multiple options to make money though survey.
  2. Swagbucks –
    • The rewarded points from Swagbucks are cashed out though app ‘PayPal’.
    • They are also giving $ for just sign up.
    • You can make money by clicking on website link and you should share it others.
  3. Global Test Market.
  4. Prize Rebel.
  5. Vindale Research.
  6. Opinion Outpost.

Actually, above listed survey sites are legitimate. But it’s not same for all websites because some websites used to make money may be scam or fraud which will mislead you. So before taking any decision make sure which site will be used by you it is legitimate.

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It is easy way to make money by suing online survey websites. But this process took some time, so you must be patient. above listed websites are best to earn more money by just sing up, watching videos and multiple options are available.